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  • 2015-05-25​BPCE, in association with Natixis Payment Solutions and Oberthur Technologies announced the pilot o...
  • 2015-05-25Lien Viet Post Bank on May 21 received the technology and innovation outstanding online self service...
  • 2015-05-21In response to ICBA research and advocacy, Visa said it will increase how much it reimburses small b...
  • 2015-05-21The Next Frontier in Accessing Financial Services...
  • 2015-05-20​​On Wednesday 13 May 201, ESBG has sent the European Commission its response to the Capital Market ...
  • 2015-05-19​ICBA President and CEO Cam Fine told The Wall Street Journal that there’s opportunity for bipartisa...
  • 2015-05-18Tanzania’s GDP last year grew with not less than 7% due to, among other factors ......
  • 2015-05-18​The European Investment Bank (EIB) and CaixaBank have signed a finance contract in support of Spani...




Washington September 2015 Meetingshttp://www.savings-banks.com/Events/Washington2015Washington September 2015 Meetings2015-09-22T22:00:00ZWashington, D.C.
World Bank IMF Meetings 2015 in Peruhttp://www.savings-banks.com/Events/PeruWorld Bank IMF Meetings 2015 in Peru2015-10-08T22:00:00ZLima, Peru
World Congress of Savings and Retail Bankshttp://www.savings-banks.com/Events/WSBI_Congress_2015World Congress of Savings and Retail Banks2015-09-23T22:00:00ZWashington, D.C.

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The "Innovation in Payments" conference was organized by WSBI and CaixaBank and offered a fascinating and truly international synthesis of the current status of the innovation in the payments landscape and an idea of things to come.
Read the WSBI positions regarding the G20 agenda under the Turkish Presidency and its focus on promoting inclusive and robust growth through collective action.
Check out the website on the Mediterranean Development Confederation, of which WSBI is a proud member
The European Microfinance Network will organise is annual conference on 18th and 19th June in Dublin, Ireland. For more information and to register, click on "read more".